About GEC

About Julianne & Green Energy Copywriting

Hello! My name is Julianne Moore and I am the proprietor of Green Energy Copywriting. Writing for the green energy sector has been a very meaningful career choice for me due to my lifelong desire to spend my time and efforts working to help foster a brighter future by attempting to solve the critical environmental issues of our time.

As an avid environmentalist, animal lover and musician, I am passionate about conserving our natural world and protecting diversity of life on this beautiful planet. I believe that through the power of words and through forms of art such as music, we can update, refresh and enliven the narrative around why healthy Eco-systems, clean air and clean water are worth protecting; and why we as humans should be so invested in the natural world we leave to coming generations.

I received my education in SEO web content marketing, direct response & fundraising copywriting through American Writers and Artists, Inc. And as an environmentalist, I deem this sort of work to be a true privilege; to partner with fellow businesses in the effort of expanding and cultivating a green economy.


  • Expertise in seamless cross-channel messaging.
  • Story-telling that brings your company’s mission, services and products to life while establishing an emotional connection with the reader.
  • High standards and respect for deadlines.
  • Ability to quickly understand brand voice and personality, and how it may need to evolve for continuing progress.
  • Strong knowledge of SEO content & copywriting best practices.
  • Collaborative approach. I enjoy working with designers, merchandisers and writers to achieve the best results.

For more information on how I can help your renewable energy business with professional direct mail copywriting, SEO web content marketing and social media management call Julianne @ 304-904-4080 or provide your details on the contact page.