GEC Direct Mail

Direct Response Marketing?Absolutely

According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average return for direct mail is over $12 in revenue for every $1 invested. This is based on the lifetime customer value.

While spam filters are lowering email open and click-through rates, countless businesses & nonprofit organizations are rediscovering the incredible success of direct response copywriting.

Paper sales letters, fundraising letters, postcards and envelope packages can generate a ton of leads because they are tangible items your prospect holds in their hands; enhancing the tactile experience of the reader and perhaps commanding a layer of attention and memory that a promotional email does not.

And with the decline in the number of direct mail sales letters & packages received by households due to the current trend of internet marketing, you can be sure there is less competition waiting for you in the consumer’s mailbox.

This is a great time to jump back in to the direct response marketing scene.

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