GEC Testimonials

A few kind words...From a few of our clients.

  • I'm in web development and management and Julie does my copywriting as well as copywriting for many of my site development clients. I looked very seriously for a copywriter and there are specific reasons I chose Julie. First, and most importantly, I saw samples of her copy. She writes well. That is not as easy to find as you would think. Also, perhaps it's the musician in her, but her writing has a lovely flow to it. The result is copy that is very compelling. She writes with impeccable quality and elegance while keeping a comfortable and very approachable tenor. Something else that made me decide to go with Julie is that I deliberately look for small firms to work with. I don't want to ever reach a "call center" or "customer service" department again. I want to be able to call the person I am working with, or leave her a message if she's busy and she calls me back. One on one is just the way I want to do business. We also need to encourage entrepreneurship. Find someone talented who is just starting out; you'll never regret it. Julie has been a great find, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

    Megan Donovan Owner, eco-Instinct™

  • I am pleased to share my experience in working with Julie Moore at Conservation Copywriting Services. I have known Julie for some time, and have recently begun working with her and her services. I am a wedding officiant and transitional worker with women, with several websites and social media business pages. Julie has exceeded my expectations with her knowledge and creativeness in reaching the public with her presentation of words. She not only takes care of my social media, she is creating articles of interest for publications relevant to my services. I give her 5-plus stars and would highly recommend her.

    Terry Eller, Ordained Clergy/Officiant/Bridal Consultant

  • Julie, well done! Thank you so much for the great work on our websites. Your knowledge as an SEO specialist has really propelled our paving and construction businesses to the front line of search engines and the websites are very appealing and professional. Your social media skills have proven to be friendly and right-on-target for engaging our audience. Keep up the good work!

    Tim Moore, Vice President Beltway Paving Company, Inc.

  • We absolutely love the website Julie! The care you took in writing the copy and integrating photos makes it a very inviting and easy site to navigate. The blog posts you’ve been writing for the website are relevant and attention-grabbing and we are extremely happy with the result. Thank you again!

    Michael Williams, Owner, Beltway Truck and Tire, Inc.